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Ever found yourself pondering how to pronounce Norfolk, CT? You’re not alone! Everyone from world-class musicians to local Norfolians find themselves in a tizzy over our town’s name. Is it ‘Nor-fork’ like a fork in the road, ‘Nor-folk’ like the folks around, or something completely different? 

Norfolk’s pronunciation has been a playful topic for centuries. With roots dating back to England, where it’s pronounced as ‘Norfuck,’ our American version has taken on its own life. From ‘Norfawk’ to ‘Norfick’ to ‘Norfeck,’ and even ‘Nahfuck,’ our town’s name has as many twists and turns as our scenic roads.

So, how do you say ‘Norfolk’?

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Love our town’s quirky side? Grab your very own ‘Nor-Fork’ merchandise! From hats to tees, show off your Norfolk pride and maybe even spark a conversation or two about our town’s famous name.

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Remember, whether it's 'Nor-fork,' 'Nor-folk,' or 'Nor-whatever-you-like,' our doors at Berkshire Country Store are always open for you. Follow us on social media for poll results, laughs, and all things Norfolk!

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