Berkshire Country Store In The Press

Dive into the stories and features that have highlighted Berkshire Country Store’s impact on the Norfolk community and beyond. From heartwarming local news segments to mentions in renowned publications, our presence in the press underlines our commitment to excellence and community service.

Watch Our Story Unfold in the Media

NBC 30 Connecticut Feature:

Experience the heart of Norfolk through NBC 30 Connecticut’s spotlight on Berkshire Country Store. Our story, community impact, and dedication to local flavors are showcased in this insightful feature. Join us as we reveal what makes our store a beloved destination in Norfolk.

CT Magazine Showcase:

Delve into CT Magazine’s spotlight on Berkshire Country Store, where our celebrated Loaf of Meat sandwich takes center stage. This feature provides an exclusive look at our store’s cozy charm and our dedication to mouth-watering, homemade specialties. Watch as CT Magazine unveils the story behind our famous sandwich and the community-focused ethos that makes our Norfolk store a beloved local landmark.

Fox 61 Foodie Friday Spotlight:

Experience the culinary journey of Berkshire Country Store through Fox 61’s Foodie Friday feature. Our quaint Norfolk store and its crowd-pleasing Loaf of Meat sandwich are the stars in this segment. Join Fox 61 as they explore what makes our deli and market a must-visit destination for food lovers.

Berkshire Country Store's Story in Print

Litchfield Magazine Feature:

Explore the inspiring story of Ryan Craig and the Berkshire Country Store in a detailed article from Litchfield Magazine. From Ryan’s early beginnings at the store to creating a community-centric hub in Norfolk, this feature delves into the heart of what makes our store more than just a business. Discover how Ryan’s passion for service and local products has shaped the store into a beloved local landmark and a pillar of the Norfolk community.

Restaurant Guru Recommends:

Discover the culinary delights of the Berkshire Country Store as featured on Restaurant Guru. Delve into an article that highlights our cozy ambiance, diverse menu offerings, and commitment to the freshest produce. From our signature dishes to the warm, welcoming atmosphere, see why Restaurant Guru recommends us as a must-visit spot in Norfolk, Connecticut.

Conde Nast Traveler Guide:

Immerse yourself in the rustic beauty of Norfolk, Connecticut. This feature takes you on a journey through the town’s scenic landscapes, artistic enclaves, and historic landmarks. Discover the Berkshire Country Store’s role in this picturesque setting, where our renowned maple-glazed sausage-egg-and-cheese biscuit and hearty meatloaf-and-bacon sandwich exemplify the town’s culinary delights.

Seasons Magazine Feature:

Step into the heart of Norfolk’s community at the Berkshire Country Store, a cornerstone of local charm and entrepreneurial spirit. This feature story unfolds the tale of Ryan Craig’s leap from corporate life to the creation of a small-town legacy. As the store’s fabric weaves through the daily lives of Norfolk’s residents, it offers more than just sustenance; it’s a beacon of economic vitality and a testament to Craig’s unwavering commitment to quality and community.

CT Insider Spotlights:

Read about the remarkable revival of the beloved Berkshire Country Store in CT Insider’s feature. Discover how Ryan Craig, a former employee with deep ties to the community, breathed new life into this cornerstone of the Northwest Corner. With a dedication to convenience and quality, Craig and his team have reintroduced much-missed deli sandwiches and essential grocery items. The article delves into the store’s unique location, its importance to the local community, and the vision that drives Craig to restore it as a central part of residents’ daily lives.

Berkshire Country Store