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Right in Norfolk, CT, the Berkshire Country Store stands as a bright spot for lovers of the simple, cozy country life. Our crew, raised right here, works hard to make life a bit sweeter for our neighbors. We fill our shelves with goods that add to life in the Northwest Corner. What you say matters to us—it helps us pick just the right items that speak to our hometown spirit. It’s your needs, your ideas, and your tales that give our store its heart. So, the Berkshire Country Store isn’t just a place—it’s a piece of our local community.

Store owner enjoying a hearty burger and fries at Berkshire Country Store in Norfolk, CT.

Meet Ryan Craig: Beloved Owner of the Berkshire Country Store

Ryan Craig’s journey, rooted in Goshen, CT, is a story of local dedication and entrepreneurial spirit. Raised amidst the close-knit fabric of this community, Ryan honed his passion for service at the original Berkshire Country Store during his formative years. After a stint in corporate retail, his love for genuine interaction and community service called him back, leading to the revival of the Berkshire Country Store in Norfolk, CT, in January 2014. Under his leadership, the store has flourished into a beloved local hub, with a team that exemplifies the pinnacle of customer care. Outside the store, Ryan cherishes moments with his family, a grounding force and joyful counterbalance to his work life.

Our Mission:

At Berkshire Country Store in Norfolk, we do more than just cook meals. We create special moments. Our goal is to make every visit a warm, memorable experience. It’s all about enjoying good food and great company. We love bringing folks together to share laughs and create memories. Our dishes, made with love and the best local ingredients, are just part of our story. Come join us and find joy in every bite, right here in Norfolk.

Our Delectable Offerings at Berkshire:

Indulge in the flavors of Norfolk with Berkshire Country Store’s homemade delights. Each dish is a celebration of Litchfield County’s freshest produce, bringing you a taste of the local harvest. Wander through our aisles to discover a world of artisanal mastery, where every item, from handcrafted goods to unique culinary creations, reflects Norfolk’s rich traditions and innovative spirit. Experience the essence of local craftsmanship and savor the stories woven into every product on our shelves.

Gourmet bagel breakfast sandwich with crispy bacon and fresh lettuce on a plate at Berkshire Country Store.

From Our Patrons' Hearts: Stories Shared at Berkshire


John O' the Woods

Who the heck is this guy?

The Story of John O’ The Woods

They called him John O’ the Woods. No one, it seems, knew his real name or where he called home. Yet he became one of the most colorful and beloved characters in nineteenth-century Northwest Connecticut. John was a wanderer. Dubbed one of the true “knights of the road” by local villagers, he showed up in Norfolk (or, as he’d say, NorFORK) on a seemingly regular basis seeking the generosity and hospitality of the town—particularly the good food and conviviality to be found at the Berkshire Country Store.

An entertaining conversationalist, John could often be found in his favorite window seat in the Berkshire establishment’s popular “readin’, restin’ and relaxin’ corner” perusing the latest issue of Norfolk Now and spinning tales of, shall we say, questionable reliability, as fellow travelers and Norfolkians alike listened intently. He was, so he claimed, the sole survivor of Norfolk’s dark and ancient past and the only living witness to the “true facts.” Not surprisingly, the hero of his oft’ told “true” stories was usually none other than… John O’ the Woods!

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