As a Small Business Owner, I Love What I Do

by Nov 19, 20200 comments

It’s no secret that being the owner of a small business is no walk in the park.
Considering the various impacts that COVID-19 has had on our communities and our economy, owning a small business has only become more challenging over time.
And while this is just one of many obstacles, I still love my job.

Creating Memories for My Customers

One of my fondest childhood memories involves my grandfather and a local business.
When my grandparents came to visit for the weekend from out of town, he used get up early and sneak out of the house.  He would run down to a local business and pick up his copy of the New York Times and a box of pastries, which we never had in the house.
Having a fresh pastry to enjoy with my visiting grandparents was such a pleasant part of my childhood. That’s a feeling I want to pass on to other people in the communities that I serve.
Building a business where my customers can create memories is a privilege that not many other business owners have. Not many good memories are created at car dealerships or Walmart, but I want it to be different at my store. I hope every experience will be a fond memory for all those involved.
Creating a small business that locals trust and enjoy spending time at is one of the best parts of my job.

Directly Supporting My Community

Small businesses are the foundation of the American economy, and help create livings for 1.5 million people.
I love my staff, and my business would not be successful without them. I consider myself privileged to call myself their leader and I’m proud of the business we have built together.
In addition to being employers, small businesses also build and strengthen networks supporting local suppliers and other small businesses.
For instance, our most recent partnership with Briar Hill Farms will provide business to a small family-owned farm less than 15 miles from our front door. It also supplies our customers with fresh, high-quality produce they can pick up locally rather than traveling to a grocery store chain.
Small businesses are the heartbeat of our local economies, and I can’t think of a better way to give back to a community than creating local jobs while supplying residents with high-quality products that otherwise would not be available.

Working to Make People Happy

If you’ve ever worked in the service business, you know that it can sometimes be a struggle. There are challenges you face daily that are out of your control, and you can’t please everyone.
However, you have the opportunity to impact a lot of people and improve each person’s day. It’s a unique, day-to-day challenge that I look forward to every morning when entering the building.
I love hearing feedback about our business because I am always trying to improve our customer’s experience and our business model.
It’s always nice to hear compliments, but it’s the constructive criticism that provides the building blocks for improvement. Every time we learn of something to improve on, we can build a better experience for a customer in the future.
Building a business is a constant process of improvement and trial & error. Every time we make a customer happy, it’s another step in the right direction.
Small business owners have a unique opportunity to build something according to their own vision. However, it is the employees and the customers who ultimately shape the direction of the business.
From the outside, it might seem crazy to try to manage a business on your own, but as an owner, you’re never really alone. There is a community of small businesses and individuals that provide a mutually supportive relationship. Creating opportunities for employees I work with provides everyone in the community with a valuable amenity. And in turn we can help customers create memories they’ll have for lifetime.
And that’s all in a day’s work.



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